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December 2013

  • Beauty

    Naked 3 Palette for $5.24

    Hello ladies!So you are all probably wondering about how the heck I scored the Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay for a beautiful total of $5.24 out of my pocket!Well…there is…

  • Beauty

    My hair secret ;)

    Does your hair needing some life saving? Well I’ve got the product for you! This Blackcurrant Intense Hydration Hair Mask by Salma Hayek’s hair care line is exclusively sold at CVS…

  • Beauty

    Mario Badescu Samples ;)

    Hello all 🙂 I hope your Thanksgiving went well with your family  and friends! So just a few weeks ago I took this sample questionnaire (click!) on Mario Badescu’s website and it customizes…