Maracuja Oil by Tarte Cosmetics

Happy New Years ladies!

I still am in shock of how fast 2013 went by and now 2014 here and it’s unreal. I thought I would start of the year blogging about an oil that has really helped my skin. Last year I picked up this Pure Maracuja Oil by Tarte Cosmetics at Ulta Beauty when it was a beauty steal for $25. This product usually sells for $46.

When I first looked into this product I was confused about what Maracuja exactly was but if you’re Latin or at least are familiar with tropical fruits all it is, is Passion Fruit, better known as “Parcha” in Puerto Rico. While researching further into it’s benefits, Maracuja oil is fully enriched with Vitamin C and antioxidants that will help improve different types of skin such as sensitive, acne-prone, redness and rosacea. As some of you might know how I struggle with oily skin I first thought this was completely insane to put more oil onto such an oily face, but in reality it’s the best thing to do for your skin! The oil from the fruit counteracts with your skin’s natural oils and gives your face a fuller and plumped brightened look.

A little goes a long way with this oil! I only use 3-4 drops every night.

For the past couple months I have been using this oil at night when my skin needs some extra TLC. When my skin is breaking out I put this on areas that need the most help. I personally use this oil more as a spot treatment, but I do also put a thin layer all over my face some nights. I can definitely testify that it has helped reduce my acne breakouts. I have read mixed reviews on this product but I am a full believer in it! Just some advice before you go out and buy a slightly pricey product, do a little research to make sure this is the product for you! 🙂

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