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La Vie Bohème with Sophia Miglio in Belize

Sophia Love. 17. Italian/Swedish. 
Artist. Model. Dreamer.
About Sophia: 
Raised in Chicago in her father’s punk rock hair salon Sophia grew up alongside artists that was home to drag queens to poets and actors. Her father as she describes a “creative genius,” through his music and her mother, a fashion designer, as well as hippy, found their love for Ambergris Caye, an island off the coast of Belize. They quickly packed their bags and left the states for the island life and for the past nine years Sophia has lived on her family’s yoga resort, quite the fortunate move. She has been able to meet people across the world as they travel pass Belize and through this island girl lifestyle she has learned to embrace this sense of “carefree, simple, humble lifestyle.” She explains that it has had a tremendous part of who she is today. Today Sophia resides in Los Angeles to pursue opportunities she simply cannot pass up.

Currently reading: Scorsese on Scorsese, Into the Wild, Woolgathering, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Sophia particularly loves the works of the 19th century)

Top 5 beach essentials: Sunscreen, a good book, a sarong (She likes to get the most use out of it and she uses it as a towel, dress, or headband), sunglasses, and Ole Hendriksen’s Sheer Transformation lotion
Natural beauty remedies: “I absolutely love washing my face with honey + lime. I also love rubbing green tea ice cubes under my eyes in the morning to wake me up and de-puff my eyes…cold cucumber slices are great for that, too!”
Budget friendly must-haves: Botanics Ionic Clay Mask (I got it at Target for about $7- its amazing at pulling impurities out of the skin!). I also love Neutrogena’s Professional Triple Repair line, the shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment keeps my hair really silky and strong (perfect for the harsh sun and salt conditions I had back on the island), and I looooove lip stains, so Cover Girl’s Outlast lip stain does the job perfectly.”
Beauty Essentials
Beauty secret: Sophia describes herself as a low-maintenance kind of girl but when she is in a rush she uses mascara and one of her favorite lipsticks Chanel Rougue Allure in no. 92 Secrete, (a beautiful rosy color) she even rubs some of it on her cheeks for a flushed look! “Creamy lipstick looks lovely on the skin and gives that dewy effect that I love, which is much more natural looking than blush powders,” she states.
Beach bum or on the go girl? “I get asked this a lot, so I know I’m definitely an in-betweener. I can live on an island for 9 years but jump right into the city life easily. I love the calm and simplicity of the island life, and the diversity, art, and history that cities have to offer.”
How do you stay healthy? “After living on an island for so long, my body just craves good, healthy food. If it’s junk, I’ll get sick immediately. As far as exercise, I love pilates, running and hula hooping.”
Where do you pull inspiration from? “I study the classics, and the ‘masters’ of literature, art and music. I love reading auto/biographies (Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, John Lennon). Their lives inspire me. I also go to a lot of public places…art galleries, theaters, and music venues here in Los Angeles. I take my camera and photograph all the life around me, all the people. Ever since I was young I liked to record life…keeping journals, taking pictures. I get inspired when looking back at the pictures I take.”
Lesson from mom or dad you live by: “Stay humble.”
How to achieve the perfect tan: “I’m Italian, I love the warmth of the sun on my skin. I get a pretty dark tan- but sunscreen is a must! I like to try different products to achieve a nice tan without damaging my skin. St. Tropez has a great one.”
In My Bag
What’s in my bag: “I keep several pairs of sunglasses in my bag (I’m obsessed with them), Ole Henriksen’s Sheer Transformation Lotion (which I RAVE about. Its great on airplanes which really dry out your skin, its even helped pimples disappear over night-not sure how!), my wallet (that piece of paper looking thing- you haven’t an idea how many times I’ve jumped in the trash for it having accidentally thrown it), a camera, a good book, and a journal.”
Secret spot of a local (in Belize): “Definitely Wet Willies (a bar on a dock over the caribbean waters) for a good drink and a nice spot to tan and swim! I also love Rum & Bean cafe for a killer coconut latte.”
Living like a local — a must go place to eat (in Belize): “Waraguma! Its a little restaurant with the besssssst food ever and a little lady that stands on the outside making their famous dish, Papusas.”
Recipe worth sharing: “The best post workout smoothie ever! Bananas, frozen strawberries, blueberries, greek yogurt, almond milk and peanut butter!”
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