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Soraya Pena de Hennessy. Latina. Fulltime blogger.
About her: Soraya was born and raised in Venezuela and in 2008 moved to Chicago to pursue a BA in Hospitality and Management. She worked in the hospitality industry for a year and started her blog back in September of 2013. Earlier this year, she married her husband in February of 2014 and recently just moved to Abu Dhabi.
Currently reading…. “Blogging Your Way to the Front Row” by Yuli Ziv 

Top 5 fashionista essentials: iPhone back up charger, the latest edition of Vogue, concealer, business cards and a great personality 

Natural beauty remedies… She stresses that sleep (zzz!) is her number one beauty remedy.
Budget friendly must-haves: Soraya shares,A white shirt or tee from Gap! They really do have some great options at a budget friendly price.”
Beauty secret: “Make sure to wash your face and take your makeup off every night…doesn’t matter how tired you might be you will thank yourself the next day.”
Laid back or on the go girl? Soraya swears she’s definitely an on-th- go type of chica!
How do you stay healthy? This on-the-go girl loves to stay fit by regularly working out and staying active at least 5x a week either by running or practicing yoga.
Where do you pull inspiration from? “My mother and hometown are a big inspiration for me. Venezuelan women love wearing colors and being bold. My mom always taught to be on trend but always staying true to my personality,” says Soraya.
Lesson from mom or dad you live by:  “My mom, –“En la varied esta el gusto.”” (“Variety is the spice of life!”)
Why do you love being Latina: “Haha! I love this question! It’s the perfect excuse to be load and the center of attention without people thinking I’m crazy!” she exclaims.
Secret spot of a local (in Chicago/Venezuela): Tango Sur in Chicago is the best Argentinian steakhouse! It’s also BYOB…so you pretty much get everything you’re looking for.
Living like a local — where is a must go place to eat (in Chicago): AntiqueTacos, the best tacos/ Mexican food in Chicago.
Recipe worth sharing: “Yikes! I’m not much of a cook…however the best recipe I can share it to enjoy life every day and laugh as much as you can,” expresses Soraya. 
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