Five Lessons from a Dominican Salon

Growing up like many other Latinas, I always had long hair. Being the Latina Rapunzel was more of an understatement because my hair made me feel more like a reina (queen) than a fairy tale princess. During my senior year of high school, something overcame me and I decided to rebel by cutting my long locks for an asymmetrical bob. Talk about a mistake!
The day I came home with my fresh new cut, I felt liberated like a weight was lifted from years of having thick long hair. However, that feeling was gone (literally within seconds) after I saw mami’s face, which made me immediately regret my new look. I swear she almost cried, not for me, but for my hair! I soon realized the importance of hair within the Latin culture.

Last summer I decided to take some extra time to learn about some serious TLC for my locks at mi mejor amiga’s (my best friend’s) salon and not just any salon…ya tu sabes a Dominican salon! The ladies were fantasticas and shared a few lessons on how to take care of your precious hair.

1. Find the right salon that’s right for you! Mine happens to be a Dominican salon that plays bachata in the background, giving it an atmosphere of a mini fiesta. It’s not your typical salon in and out the door. No, this wash and blow out take a few hours, usually with a drink in your hand, so be ready to sit back, relax, laugh at all the chisme with your chicas. You might even find yourself dancing. ¡Hay party! 

2. Shampooing is vital! Try washing your hair every other couple days to maintain your hair’s natural oils. So when it does come time to lathering your hair take your time. Thoroughly wash your hair and make sure to use the right amount of your favorite “champu.”
Recently, one of my must haves has been Pantene’s Pro-V Weekly Deep Cleanse Purifying Shampoo it has mosa mint oil in it, the cool thing about this shampoo is that it’s not a wash, it’s a cleanse. This purifying shampoo helps to remove your hair’s impurities in order for your locks to stay strong against damage. 

3. Invest in some rolos (hair rollers.) These will allow you to cut the heat styling. Remember to start from the back of your head and move forward. You might need some practice with this step like I did! Think Chiquita Banana but with rolos instead. It’s the best way to add volume to achieve those head turning locks. Don’t forget to add a hair serum for extra shine.
Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum helps to repair and add strength to your hair to reduce everyday damage. Not only is it great for your hair, it smells delicious!

4. Remember your blow out is meant to last! To prolong your new do, wear a shower cap, use dry shampoo and let it sit for 3-5 minutes to absorb into your hair. Also, don’t forget that you can always reuse los rolos for an extra lift.
Suave Dry Shampoo is by far one of my favorite drugstore hair products not only is it under $3, it makes your hair feel completely refreshed from any greasy feel.5. The blowout is the best part. If you think your hair is already soft and shiny, get ready to have an even higher level of smoothness and volume. ¡Increible! By the time you’re done with your bombshell blow out, you’ll be feeling like Sofia Vergara.
Have you ever been to a Dominican salon? What was your experience like? Don’t forget to share with me some of your favorite salons and products!


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